Smart Indoor/Outdoor Dummy Surveillance Camera Home


In stock (3236 units), ready to be shipped
  • Blinking red LED in 2-3 second intervals
  • No wiring needed
  • Installation screws included
  • Required three 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
  • Plastic housing with fixed 45º angle
  • Size: 10*10*8cm
  • Package Size: 11*10.8*6.5cm

Installation Method:
First fix the screw hole position on the wall to be installed, then drill 2 eyes with the impact drill at the fixed screw hole

position, and insert the expansion screw to install the fixed hemisphere type simulation monitor!

Simulation Monitor: A fake monitor that mimics the shape, pattern, and working style of a real monitor.

It can be very effective to install one or several simulation monitors in supermarkets, hotels, parking lots, libraries, offices,

warehouses, bazaars, parks, residential areas, or some prominent locations where necessary. Earthquakes and deter

thieves or lawless elements, so that they dare not approach!

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